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Homemade Soups
Oyster Bar
Entrée Salads
Real Hungry?
From the Steamers
Woody Recommends
Time to Go Fishin'
Ice Cold Draft Beer
Bottle Beer
Lunch Menu

Homemade Soups:

Bowl: ($4.99) We are famous for our crab bisque and Maryland crab soup loaded with crabmeat. Ask our server about our soup of the day.

Oyster Bar:

Charcoal Grilled Oysters: ($12.99)
Fresh on the Half Shell: ($9.99)
Oysters Rockafeller ($12.99)


Shrimp Cocktail: ($7.99) This is the place for shrimp. You'll be pleased with the large portion of ice cold gulf shrimp served with fresh homemade horseradish sauce... Shrimp lovers heaven.

Cajun Catfish Chunks ($6.99) OR Rockfish Chunks ($9.99) Our own recipe and a bit spicy

Cucumber Sandwich: ($3.99) Woody's own little tea sandwich... Keeps you thin and healthy.

Giant Onion Rings: ($4.99) The cook is crying until they start frying these homemade rings. Keeps them happy you know.

Mozzarella Sticks: ($5.99) Six golden fried cheese sticks served with spicy tomato sauce.

Buffalo Wings: ($7.99) Woody chased these chickens all over to get these special wings- oven baked, not fried.

Crab and Artichoke Dip: ($11.99) Served with tri-color tortilla chips big enough for two.

Fresh Fried Calamari: ($10.99) Always a favorite with the folks from Italy

Entrée Salads

House Salad: ($3.95) Simple, delicious lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers

Iceberg Wedge: ($4.99) With Gorgonzolla vinaigrette

Caesars Salad: ($4.99)
And you can add chicken: ($9.99)
Or tuna, shrimp, or scallops: ($10.99)

Jumbo Lump Crab Salad: ($14.99) A very simple salad with exquisite jumbo lumps of the finest crabmeat in the world.

Real Hungry?

The Net Buster: ($32.99) Lobster tail, crab imperial, crab cake, jumbo shrimp, steamed clams, king crab, fresh fish, shrimp, and all the sauces.

Surf and Turf: ($34.99) At Woody's, its Angus Filet and two cold water lobster tails with lots of melted butter.

The Crab Sampler: ($26.99) When you can't make up your mind, Woody recommends the outstanding choice of our famous crab cake, crab au gratin, and crab imperial. Broiled in a casserole dish and served with a choice of vegetables.

Lobster Tails: (2 for $24.99/ 3 for $31.99) Cold water tails broiled to perfection and served with a melted butter.

Whole Main Lobster: (Market Price) Freshly steamed from the ice cold waters of Maine - sizes vary.

From the Steamers

Steamed Large Shrimp: (half lb: $9.99, full lb: $16.99) Seasoned with our special seasoning and served pipin' hot with lots of cocktail sauce.

Steamed Little Neck Clams: (Lil' Bucket: $6.99, Big Bucket: $17.99) Just the right size and served with plenty of drawn butter.

Alaskan King Crab Legs: ($29.99) Woody's Famous House Specialty! Giant Legs. Steamin' Hot... Pick a little easier than a Bay Crab... Served with corn on the cob.

World Famous Prince Edward Island Mussels: (Bucket full steamed in beer: $16.99) Woody is proud to serve these tender, delicious mussels from the crystal waters of P.E.I.

Hard-shell Bluefin Crabs: (Market Price) Pride of the Chesapeake Bay Steamed in our own blend of seasoning. Voted best crabs by Chesapeake Bay Magazine!


Fresh homemade vegetables are fixed the old fashioned way. sometimes wehave corn on the cob, coleslaw, twice baked potatoes, broccoli, and a vegetable of the day.

Woody Recommends

House specialty Crab Cake Dinner: (One: $15.99, Two: $21.99) Our crabcakes are made from jumbo lump crabmeat fresh every day. Served with vegetables.

Crab Imperial: ($22.99) This is our own recipe with jumbo lumps of crab meat served with your choice of fresh vegetables.

Stuffed Oysters: ($19.99) Our finest oysters stuffed with jumbo lump crab imperial... one of our favorites.

Crab Au Gratin: ($21.99) Lumps of jumbo crab meat blended with special cheeses... delicate.

Chicken Chicken Chicken: ($13.99) Two boneless, skinless beautiful breasts cooked crazy and just like you want it (charcoal grilled) purdy bird = lemon pepper. dirty bird = blackened spices. nurdy bird = plain, plain, plain. Q ball bird for those who love bar-b-q

Grilled Chicken over Pasta: ($14.99) Fresh homemade sauce using plum tomatoes, garlic, and leaf basil.

Woody's Old Fashioned Fish Fry Dinner: Golden fried flounder, shrimp, oysters, scallops, cajun catfish
Choose 1: ($15.99) Choose 2: ($16.99)
Choose 3: ($17.99) Choose 4: ($18.99)
Get 'Em All: ($20.00)
French fries, hush puppies, & slaw included

Charcoal Grilled Filet Mignon: ($24.99) Only the finest aged beef cooked to order (Please - Not responsible for well done)

Uncle Bud's Baby Back Ribs: ($19.99) Now let me tell you what good is. Fallin' off the bone. Lean and mean, sweet and not so neat.

Time to Go Fishin'

Catch of the Day: (Market price) This can change depending on how the fish are biting... but count on rockfish, salmon, tuna, mahi mahi... and yes, you can stuff it with crab imperial for an additional charge.

Jumbo Sea Scallops: ($19.99) Broiled to perfection with fresh vegetables

Old Fashioned Fish: Fried dinner... Choose from shrimp-oysters-catfish-flounder or scallops.
Choose One ($18.99)
Choose Two ($18.99)
Choose Three ($19.99)
Choose Four ($19.99)
Get 'em all ($22.99)

Ice Cold Draft Beer

By the Glass or Pitcher

Coors - Miller Lite - Guiness - Bass - Yuengling - Woody's Own Honey Brown Lager

Bottle Beer

Bud Light - Miller Genuine Dr. - Michelob
Budweiser - Molson Golden Ale - Corona
Rolling Rock - Coors Light - Heineken
Michelob Light - Miller Lite - Amstel Light
Micro Of The Week

Bein' at Woody's is Next Best Place to Stoppin' off at the Still. All the premium liquors at one stop. Fixed by our own doctors of mixology


You get a nickel. I'll get a dime. We go to Woody's and drink some wine. (Good wine costs a little more!) Check our Wine List

Lunch Menu

Woody's House Specialty: ($10.99) All Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Sandwich. Best you can get! Served on roll, bread or crackers. Broiled or fried.

Shrimp Salad: ($10.99) Made fresh daily with large shrimp.

Charcoaled Burger: ($8.99) This is a seafood house but most people will tell you the burgers ain't bad (fresh sirloin).

Woody Cake: ($11.99) Fresh lump crabcake topped with ham, tomato, and melted cheese. Served on a toasted Thomas English muffin.

Woody Melt: ($12.99) Crab cake on grilled sourdough with bacon and provolone cheese.

Fried Clam Strips: ($12.99) Only at Woody's. Fresh battered strips really a treat.

Charcoaled Breast of Chicken: ($8.99) Served on fresh roll with lettuce and tomato.

Fried Chicken Strips: ($8.99) All breast with fries.

Fish and Chips: ($10.99) Authentic English Pub Style. Crispy battered cod with fries.

Children's Menu Available
Woody has lots of kids - so he knows how much it costs to feed them. Please don't come without your kids!













































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